Trump Regrets, Move Over: ‘Sassy Gay Republican’ Is All Of The Healthcare Angst We Need Right Now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since January, you know that Republicans across the country have been slowly but slowly waking up to the horror that is their giant November mistake. In tale after tale, unfortunate conservatives, once defiant in their hatred of all things left of Hannity, are beginning to see what dyed-in-the-wool Republican policy looks like, and it ain’t pretty.

But with the disgusting Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill just around the corner and racing toward its September 30th finish line, Trumpcare is everything that MAGA-wearing troglodytes feared: They are just finding out that their diabetes will no longer be covered, their kid’s heroin addiction is an afterthought, and their ailin’ mama’s Medicare is fixin’ to be plowed over.

Those folks I actually feel kind of bad for. I mean, not really. Most of them voted Trump because they hate Mexicans and gay people. But at least they have the decency to be sick over how nasty it’s going to be to get sick under Trumpcare.

The ones I have no sympathy for are the self-proclaimed “intellectuals” in the conservative realm. Like one “Sassy Gay Republican” on Twitter. His name is Alex, and if you visit his Twitter right now, it’s a bit of a mess, because he’s busy soaking in the fame and glory that comes with a BuzzFeed interview and someone calling you “the next Tomi Lahren” (which I don’t think Alex has really thought through).

But Bill Armagh felt kinda bad for Sassy Alex when he saw that he’d been involved in a terrible car accident. We all did, really. But that doesn’t stop any of us from drinking down some delicious schadenfreude at how fast life came at poor Sassy.

It started with a simple question that many Republicans have asked:

Sassy may have a point! Go on, Sassy:

But then Sassy hits a snag in the pantyhose of life, and is forced to re-think some things:

That can’t be good. If only there was a way you could be covered in situations like this. Hmm…

And even Billy was surprised to find out there was more to the story of the Sassy Gay Republican. It turns out his conservative friends didn’t have as much sympathy for him as he thought they might in his time of need:

And it looks like Sassy himself may be having some serious second thoughts about how well conservative policies serve his interests:

Welcome to the club, Sassy Gay Republican. It’s terrifying in here.

Note: I have not included a link for Alex’s GoFundMe page, because there is some question as to whether the picture may be from an accident in the past, and I am not down with helping anyone, no matter how sassy they are, scam the public for sympathy dollars.

Featured image via Twitter/composite