Beef Jerky Company Just Bit Off More Than It Can Chew With Direct Appeal To Nazis (VIDEO)

Jack Links, which is a very popular maker of beef jerky, just released a brand-new ad that is absolutely disgusting. It’s supposed to give you facts about building muscle, and how beef jerky can aid you in that endeavor, but it does so as a direct appeal to Nazis and other white supremacists. Seriously.

The 30-second spot features Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, who literally says the following, word for word, at the beginning of the ad:

“I’m the product of hard work, superior genetics, Norse mythology, and protein.”

The ad also shows primates putting muscle fibers back together, which could be seen as promoting slavery and anti-Semitism, since racists and anti-Semites have traditionally used monkeys to disparage black people and Jews. Watch below:

“Superior genetics” is what white supremacy and anti-Semitism are all about. Sure, on their planet, people are people, but whites have superior genes and built the whole world, and everyone needs to understand that. Adolf Hitler’s Aryan race was all about superior genetics, the white supremacists and Nazis in this country push that, so there’s no getting away from the fact that the term is a dog whistle to white supremacy.

What about the “Norse mythology” claim, though? Most of our Nazis and white supremacists want to preserve western European genetics. Norse mythology is Scandinavian, so what the hell? It turns out that this is also an appeal to a very racist brand of Odinism, which, unfortunately, does have a fairly strong history in the U.S. among the white supremacist hate groups.

This brand of Odinism was popular in Nazi Germany, and it’s popular among today’s white supremacists, including Nazis, KKK members, skinheads, and others. The reason for that is “it sings the virtues of the tribe, or folk, strongly emphasizing genetic closeness. And it credits whites with building civilization and an ethic of individual responsibility,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. That’s exactly what white supremacists want. No more mixing of races because that’s “white genocide,” and an acceptance that whites are the superior race above all others.

Odinism is likely more appealing to these people than Christianity because Christianity (attempts) to emphasize inclusion and love of all, not the racial division they want. It also fits better with the anti-Semitism these hate groups harbor than Christianity does. However, many in these hate groups still call themselves Christian and pervert Christianity to suit their own needs, which those who actually promote Christian ethics say is “a problem.” It’s possible that particular conflict can drive white supremacists to Odinism.

Jack Links has a serious problem on its hands with this ad. They just branded themselves as openly white supremacist with a desire to appeal to the worst elements of our society. One might try to claim that they’re just ignorant of the current social and political environments, but that’s about as likely as Trump not knowing who David Duke is.

Featured image via video screen capture