Ann Coulter Calls For Assembling ‘Death Squads’ To Kill Undocumented Immigrants (AUDIO)

This is why the right-wing should never have power again.

Donald Trump’s decision to work with Democrats on legislation that would enshrine the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program into law has angered his anti-immigration supporters.

Despite the fact that these children were brought to America through no fault of their own and the fact that America is the only only home they have ever known, right-wingers like Ann Coulter want them deported anyway. And she is so angry over Trump’s decision that she is now calling for the creation of death squads to go around the country executing anyone who is an undocumented immigrant or pro-immigration.

“We have made as clear as you can possibly make it, we want less immigration,” Coulter said during an appearance on the “Todd Starnes show. “Stop dumping the third world on the country.”

“If he continues down this path, well I guess there are three options,” she continued. “There’s the organizing the death squads for the people who ruined America, because there will be no more hope. I guess the other possibility is to – well I don’t think anyone would mind him being impeached. What’s the faction opposing that? And then at least we’ll get Mike Pence. But in terms of saving America, maybe a third party.”

Here’s the audio via Right Wing Watch.

This is a seriously frightening threat that the American people must reject immediately. Furthermore, federal law enforcement authorities should investigate Coulter. Her words could literally inspire some right-wing nut jobs to actually create these death squads, which would go around terrorizing the nation.

Killing immigrants and creating death squads is something that would make Adolf Hitler proud. This is the kind of action that Nazis want in this country and Coulter needs to face serious consequences for even suggesting it as an option.

  Featured Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty