WATCH: Morgan Freeman Uses His Brilliant Movie Scripting Skills To Explain Just How Dangerous The Russia Scandal Is

So many people want to call the Special Counsel investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with the Russian government to fix the 2016 presidential election “fake news.” They listen to every word out of Donald Trump’s mouth, all the while being blind to his systematically dismantling our democratic institutions — and potentially our republic as we know it. However, there is a huge anti-Trump resistance movement going, and we aren’t going to sit idly by while this dangerous man — potentially with the aid of the Russian government — destroys all we hold dear as a nation. Well, whether the government cares about this or not, plenty of ordinary — and not so ordinary — citizens do care. One such person is iconic actor Morgan Freeman.

Freeman has joined with other concerned citizens to raise awareness about the seriousness of the Russia probe. In his trademark, unmistakable baritone, Freeman announces in a new video for the newly launched Committee to Investigate Russia:

“We have been attacked. We are at war.”

Also with this new and potentially powerful organization is actor Rob Reiner. In his most ominous and godly voice, Freeman continues in the Committee’s launch video:

“My fellow Americans, during this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government. I’ve called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened.”

Freeman couches the whole thing as if it were some wildly brilliant movie script – but in the end reminds us all that it’s not, that this is indeed very real and that Trump and Russia are very dangerous. Therefore, we must act.

Also involved in the project are anti-Trump GOPers who have more patriotism in their pinkie fingernails than the cowards in Congress could ever know such as radio host Charlie Sykes and Atlantic editor David Frum.

This truly is a brilliant project. Perhaps Freeman’s compelling voice and brilliant way of expressing this crisis will break the Trump fever before we all perish from it. We can hope, that’s for sure.

Watch this incredible video below:

Featured image via video screen capture