Global Survey HUMILIATES Trump After He Claims World Leaders Loved Everything He Said At United Nations

Let’s just put it this way, if world leaders really agree with Donald Trump they have a lot of explaining to do in their home countries.

Because a massive global survey found that only TWO nations think Trump is doing a good job.

During his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, Trump voiced his disdain for the United Nations, accusing the organization of being a mismanaged bureaucracy and threatened to pull American financial and military support.

Trump also threatened war with North Korea and criticized the Iran nuclear deal while one of his top advisers told climate ministers that Trump is still withdrawing America from the historic Paris climate agreement.

Afterwards, Trump took to Twitter to boast about his speech, and claimed that those in attendance agreed with most or all of what he said.

In fact, Trump received tepid clapping from the General Assembly, not even close to the kind of thunderous applause President Obama received when he spoke before the international peace-keeping body.

And a new study of global surveys reveals that most nations in the world have very little confidence in Trump, which means all the world diplomats who supposedly agree with “much or all” of what Trump said can expect to be replaced. In fact, the only nations who have a favorable view of Trump are Russia and Israel.

According to,

“Since Trump took office, confidence in the president has gone down further, on average, than favorability toward the U.S.: Confidence dropped 47 points; U.S. favorability just 13 points…Some of the biggest declines have been in countries with whom the U.S. has a collective defense agreement, such as NATO members and Japan, especially when it comes to confidence in the president…Mexico, unsurprisingly, also saw a big public opinion drop on both questions. On the other hand, public favorability toward the U.S. has gone up in Russia, and public confidence in the president has gone up in both Israel and Russia since Trump took office.”

While President Obama enjoyed a public confidence rating of 63 to 73 percent, Trump only has a rating of 27 percent.

One of the largest drops came from South Korea, in which only 17 percent have confidence in Trump. 88 percent had confidence in President Obama just two years ago. Clearly, South Koreans are alarmed by the pissing match Trump is having with Kim Jong-Un to discover who is the craziest dictator of them all.

“Overall, though, Trump has brought a return to George W. Bush-era levels of favorability for the U.S. and the presidency,” FiveThirtyEight concluded.

And it turns out that the world disagrees with Trump on most of the issues.

Only one nation agreed with Trump’s climate change policy. Trump’s Mexican border wall was “almost universally disliked.” His vows to withdraw from trade agreements were just as unpopular. Only Turkey approved of withdrawing from the Iran deal. And only three nations approve of Trump’s Muslim ban. Basically, most of Trump’s supporters come from nations that have committed human rights violations or have oppressive governments.

In short, the world representatives who make up the United Nations General Assembly are more likely repulsed by Trump. Tepid clapping is not the definition of overwhelming agreement. Trump thinks that everyone likes him and agrees with him because he is a delusional narcissist.

The reality is that Trump has turned America into an international joke and has harmed our reputation around the globe. He is an embarrassment to our country who should be removed from office immediately before he inflicts more damage.

He is now the most hated president in history, and that must make George W. Bush very happy.

 Featured Image: Ron Sachs – Pool/Getty Images