Racist Charleston Church Shooter Seems To Think He Is Entitled To A Literal White Supremacist As His Public Defender

By now, everyone knows that Dylann Roof, the South Carolina white supremacist who shot up am historic Black Church in Charleston South Carolina, did it because the parishioners were Black. They invited him to their worship service, and after he sat there with them for more than an hour, he killed them. Well, Roof has been sentenced to die, and his case is not in the appeals process. Like all people, no matter how despicable, Roof is entitled, via the law, to a competent defense. Since he cannot afford his own team of attorneys, they have been provided for him in the form of public defenders. There’s just one problem with that, though: According to Dylann Roof, his lawyers are the wrong color.

Appointed to represent Roof are public defenders Alexandra Yates and Sapna Mirchandani, who are Jewish and Indian, respectively. Those facts seem to be the only things that are wrong here, rather than their actual defense of Roof. This isn’t the first time race has entered into Roof’s court proceedings; he had similar mishaps with his original attorney during the trial portion of his ordeal. The man representing him during that time, David Bruck, is Jewish. Roof said of the issues there:

“His ethnicity was a constant source of conflict even with my constant efforts to look past it. Trust is a vital component in an attorney client relationship, and is important to the effectiveness of the defense. Because of my political views, which are arguably religious, it will be impossible for me to trust two attorneys that are my political and biological enemies.”

To that end, the racist murderer, who seems to be more or less representing himself at this point, penned a missive from prison, firing his public defenders on the basis of their ethnicity:

As if all of this weren’t bad enough, Roof threatened his original lawyer, David Bruck, with death if he ever got out of prison.

Luckily, the judge presiding over Roof’s case sees his racism for what it is, and is denying this so-called “motion.”

In short, if anyone deserves the death penalty, it’s this piece of less-than-human excrement. No sympathy here, despite my usual opposition to the death penalty. If anyone deserves to die for his crimes, it’s Dylann Roof.

Featured image via video screen capture from ABC News Video

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