Roy Moore Wants To Be Alabama’s Senator, But He Can’t Stop Being A Giant Racist

The name sounds familiar, right? Here’s why: He used to be Judge Roy Moore, that one guy from The Dukes of Hazzard.

“Roscoe, you get them Duke Boys in here now!”

No, wait.

Oh, that’s right — He was Chief Justice Roy Moore, of the Alabama Supreme Court. Remember the dude back in 2003 who refused to remove the monument of the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the courthouse? That’s him. He’s one of just a handful of judges who have ever been removed from office in this country by a judicial panel. Funny enough, he got re-elected to the position a decade later, but got smacked down again, this time because he told Alabama judges to ignore the Supreme Court and continue turning away same-sex marriage license applicants.

Now Ol’ Roy wants to serve in the Yoo-nited States Senate, taking the place of Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who vacated his Senate seat after his appointment to the Department of Justice.

The problem is, like the guy before him (who shares a namesake with that guy in the white hat), Roy Moore is an unrepentant racist. I’m pretty sure when Roy kicks the proverbial bucket, his headstone is going to read “Jesus Christ Was A White Man.”

So it was with no small amount of suppressed horror that the world watched the Formerly-Honorable Roy Moore call Native Americans and Asians “reds and yellows” at a campaign event on Sunday:

“We know that we were torn apart in the Civil War. Brother against brother, North against South, party against party. What’s changed? Now we got blacks and whites fighting. Reds and yellows fighting. Democrats and Republicans fighting. Men and women fighting. What’s gonna unite us? What’s gonna bring us back together? A president? A Congress? No, it’s gonna be God.”

We assume he means the white, Republican, male God.

Watch the video here:

Featured image via Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

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