CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump Shouldn’t Get Apology From ESPN Until He Apologizes For Racism Against Obama (VIDEO)

If Donald Trump really wants an apology from ESPN, he’ll need to issue a significant public apology to President Obama first.

At least that’s what CNN host Don Lemon told TMZ when he was encountered by a crew at an airport this week.

Last week, ESPN host Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist on Twitter in response to his remarks blaming “both sides” for the violence at Charlottesville and his comment that white supremacists are “fine people.”

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists,” Hill wrote.

And it’s true. Trump has been very reluctant to criticize white supremacists and does so very weakly when he finally does. And even then he soon reverses himself.

Well, it didn’t take long for Trump’s team of snowflakes to cry foul. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders abused her position by calling for ESPN to fire Hill.

Then Trump attacked ESPN and demanded an apology on Twitter.

So far, Trump has not received an apology from ESPN or Hill. Instead, Hill expressed regret that her personal remarks on her personal Twitter account caused grief for her employers. She stood by her remarks about Trump.

And according to Don Lemon, if Trump really wants an apology he should start by apologizing to President Obama for promoting birtherism.

“I think when the president worked for NBC at The Apprentice, and he said that Barack Obama was not born here, and he called Barack Obama a racist. If he apologizes for that, then maybe ESPN should apologize.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Frankly, Trump doesn’t deserve an apology at all. But he definitely owes President Obama several apologies. Trump has repeatedly smeared Obama over the years, especially since taking office even though it’s considered seriously bad taste to bash your predecessor in the way Trump has been doing.

But Trump worst offense committed against Obama is the perpetuation of the racist birther claims that he repeatedly pushed, especially on Fox News.

Trump should have to apologize for that, but he won’t because he thinks he’s the only one who is ever owed an apology. Trump plays the victim card all the time, but you never heard President Obama whine like Trump does because Obama has true class. Obama rose above the abuse while Trump throws temper tantrums like a petulant child over the smallest of slights.

The difference between Hill and Trump is Hill called it like it is while Trump pushed damnable lies that had already been repeatedly debunked.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Featured Image: Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images