California Assembly Passes MAJOR Legislation To Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 2020

You know how Donald Trump stubbornly refuses to release his tax returns? Well, the California state assembly told him to f*ck off last week when they passed a bill that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns before they are allowed on the state’s ballot.

The Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act passed 42-18 in the assembly and now heads to the state Senate. If and when it passes there, it will head to the governor’s desk for his signature.

“President Trump’s blatant disregard for the tradition of releasing tax returns is dangerous to our democracy,” says state Sen. Mike McGuire, one of the bill’s co-authors. “For decades, every President has put their personal beliefs aside and put our country first and released their returns.“

“SB 149 helps to reestablish desperately needed transparency in the White House, and we are looking forward to seeing the Governor’s signature on the bill,” he says of the bill, which would require at least five years of returns from candidates.

“As the months continue to go by in the disastrous Trump Administration and the investigations and conflicts of interest pile up, it becomes more and more clear how critical basic transparency is in how we elect our president,” another co-author of the bill, state senator Scott Wiener, said, adding that this would give “the American people the honesty and transparency they deserve.”

It’s unlikely that Trump would win California in the first place, but it’s looking like if he wants to do it in California he will need to cough up his returns.

Featured image via Getty Images/Alex Wong