Your Local News Station Might Be Turning Into A Pro-Trump Propaganda Network Right Before Your Eyes

When Americans think about state-run television, we don’t expect it to happen here. When we turn on the local news at night, we expect straight news, a rundown of the facts regarding local and national events. If we want opinion shows, we know where to go. If you’re a conservative, there’s a plethora of shows to watch on Fox News that offer soothing confirmation bias, such as Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, or Fox and Friends. If you’re a liberal, you can get the same on your side of the aisle on MSNBC with The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, The Rachel Maddow Show, or All In with Chris Hayes (though, to be fair, while they are opinion shows, the latter network doesn’t lie, while Fox does). However, all of that could be changing.

It turns out that many of America’s local stations are owned by a company called Sinclair Broadcasting. That company happens to be pro-Trump. They are now going to have 174 stations around the country that will now be airing pro-Trump items on a daily basis, and those shows will be broadcast to the unsuspecting viewing public as actual news. According to Politicus USA, those shows will consist of the following:

‒ The Terrorism Alert Desk, advertised as a daily news update about terrorist activity.

‒ News pieces from Epshteyn, Sinclair’s chief political analyst.

‒ A clearly labeled opinion show featuring Mark Hyman, a former vice president of the company.

This is especially dangerous, because Americans do not expect to be forced to watch propaganda mixed in with their news. They just want the truth, or shows that are clear opinion. That is not what this is, though. This is nothing more than the kind of stuff Kim Jung Un’s regime is feeding his people in order to brainwash them. This is the kind of thing we see in authoritarian states, and it is incredibly dangerous for democracy.

People keep saying not to compare Trump to a dictator, but it is becoming more and more clear that this is exactly what he is aiming to be – and he has plenty of help from his blind followers in high places.

In short, beware, folks, because you’re about to get a big dose of America’s very own state-run propaganda.

Featured image via William Thomas Cain/Getty Images