Trump Posts Disgusting Video Of Himself Viciously Assaulting Hillary Clinton

This is beyond unpresidential.

During a narcissistic tweetstorm on Sunday morning. Donald Trump retweeted a video featuring him driving a golf ball into Hillary Clinton’s back. The ball knocks her down as she boards a plane. The person who shared the meme captioned it “Trump’s amazing golf swing” and referred to Hillary with the nickname “Crooked Hillary” that Trump often calls her.

Trump literally just retweeted a video of himself committing violence against a woman. Purposely hitting someone with a golf ball is assault, and this video appears to be a threat.

This is not something a so-called American president should be tweeting.

But Trump did it anyway and the backlash was swift and brutal.

Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself and he owes Hillary Clinton and the country a public apology and must immediately remove this offensive post. Violence against women in any form is not okay.

Featured Image: Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images