Republicans Humiliated As John McCain Slams Their Latest Attempt To Repeal Obamacare (VIDEO)

The Republican Party still hasn’t learned that their wildly unpopular repeal of Obamacare just isn’t going to happen. Even after failing miserably the first several times they tried to get their alternative to the historic health care bill passed, they are still willing to get pummeled again.

One of the senators who has been extremely outspoken against the GOP’s alternatives is speaking out again – and it’s a member of their own party. Sen. John McCain has just signaled that he is once again ready to shoot this health care plan down. In an interview with John Dickerson on Face The Nation, McCain made it perfectly clear that he would not be supporting the GOP’s latest effort to get rid of Obamacare. Instead, McCain said he would rather be supporting the bipartisan amendments to the Affordable Care Act that are currently taking place in the Senate.

During the interview, Dickerson asked McCain about Trump’s current outreach to the Democrats. He asked, “The President is working on bipartisan approach, what do you make of that?” McCain actually took the side of Trump and nailed the Republican Party for continuing to do its own thing:

“I’m interested in that, of course. We– this President is always full of surprises. But the problem is, John, it shouldn’t be bipartisanship. It should be both Republican, Democrat and the President. So, yes, he surprised the Republicans with the deal that he made with Chuck and Nancy– with Chuck and Nancy. What it should take place is the three of them, both leaders Republican and Democrat and the President sit down and say, okay, we got a problem here. We need to fix it. And that means that we can come up with all three of us in one solid proposal. Why did– why did Obamacare fail? Obamacare was ram through with Democrats votes only. Are we going to ram through our proposal with– with Democrats and the President? That’s not the way to do it. We got to go back, if I could just say again, the way to do this is have a bill, put it through the committee. We have Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander doing fine, bring it to the floor. Have debate, have amendments, we passed our bill twenty-seven to nothing for the Armed Services Committee.”

McCain is firmly stating that he will not support a healthcare bill that the GOP is imply trying to shove down everyone’s throats without following any sort of legislative protocol.

This is bad – the Republicans are rushing to get this healthcare bill passed so they can strip millions of Americans of their health insurance, and they are doing it without the endorsement of the president or some of their most prominent members. This will only continue to be a massive embarrassment for conservatives. You can watch McCain rip the GOP below:

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images