Trump Claims He Has Done More Against ISIS Than Obama, The Scorecard Says He Is Lying

After a terrorist attack in London, Donald Trump used the occasion to brag about himself and smear President Obama.

The United States has been fighting ISIS since 2014. Most of that fighting has been done under the leadership of President Obama.

But nine months into his own presidency, Trump is now declaring that he has done more against ISIS than President Obama.

But, as usual, Trump is completely full of shit.

Under Obama’s strategy and leadership, the United States military killed over half of the commanders ISIS had and various military strikes wiped out well over 26,000 ISIS fighters (some reports say over 50,000), all while reducing ISIS’ territory from a wide swath of the Middle East stretching from Syria through Iraq to just a few remaining city strongholds.

In addition, ISIS lost most of their valuable resources and recruitment dramatically declined.

And in December 2016, United States officials announced that 75 percent of all ISIS fighters have been killed.

By contrast, ISIS cheered when Trump took office and have been using him as a recruitment tool. Trump is also responsible for killing more civilians in nine months than President Obama did in just over two years, which is just helping ISIS radicalize more fighters to their cause.

Basically, Trump is waging a desperate destructive campaign to kill the remaining ISIS fighters and leaders so he can boast that he is “doing more” against ISIS. But his campaign is full of unnecessary collateral damage that is only helping ISIS recruit.

In military parlance, Trump’s campaign is merely a “mop-up” operation, which is what takes place after the military has already gone in and wiped out most of the enemy forces.

President Obama’s strategy and leadership resulted in ISIS being crippled. Trump is only getting the crumbs that Obama did not have time to finish off. And he can’t even get that right because killing civilians is the best recruitment tool that terrorist organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda (another terrorist group President Obama crippled) use to remain relevant.

So Trump can brag all he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that President Obama was a better commander-in-chief.

Featured Image: Jack Gruber-Pool/Getty Images