CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment After Fox Sports Guest Makes DISGUSTING Trump-like Comment (VIDEO)

One thing that most conservatives have in common with Donald Trump – and perhaps contributes to the reason they relate to him and supported him for POTUS – is chronic misogyny and sexism. We saw this play out on Friday during a panel discussion on CNN, when an anchor had to shut the segment down abruptly due to a highly inappropriate comment from her Fox guest.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis as a guest, and the exchange went downhill very quickly. The panel was addressing the incident in which ESPN’s Jemele Hill had called Trump a white supremacist, causing the White House to demand her be fired. When Clay Travis had his turn to give his opinion on the matter, he made Baldwin wish she’d never asked him. Travis said this:

“I believe in the First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin was practically speechless, and had to do a double take, asking him if he’d actually just said the word “boobs.” Travis only made it worse:

“Boobs, two things that never let me down, the first amendment and boobs. Those are the two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

Baldwin still couldn’t believe her ears, and wanted to give Travis another chance and the benefit of the doubt. She asked him once more to clarify that he’d said “boobs” instead of “booze.” Once she confirmed that Travis had definitely said “boobs,” she shut the interview down right then and there. She said:

“I’m done, I’m sorry. I’m done. This conversation is over, yanking mikes, bye. Forgive me, live television happens and you think you heard something, you are not sure and then you realize it happened, so I apologize for him on that.”

Right after the segment, Baldwin and Travis were both seen on Twitter, reacting to what had happened…in two totally different ways. Baldwin seemed horrified and shocked, and Travis was, of course, proud of himself.

What Travis said is not okay, and must be condemned. We’re not at all surprised that this would come from a Fox employee, considering how prevalent misogyny, sexual assault, and support for our sexist POTUS is.

Featured image via video screen capture