Marco Rubio Just Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To Trump Touching Him (VIDEO)

No one likes to be touched by Donald Trump – not even his own fellow Republicans.

On Thursday, the full extent of Trump’s repulsiveness was on display when he spoke with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who was also one of his competitors in the 2016 primaries.

Trump was visiting Florida on a tour of the damage left by Hurricane Irma, when he took a moment to commend Rubio, who clearly wasn’t having it. Perhaps he remembered how disgusting Trump’s behavior was while he was running against him in the primaries, so the look on Rubio’s face said it all. When Trump approached and touched his shoulder, Rubio couldn’t hold back a grimace and nearly shuddered on camera. You can watch this horrible, cringe-worthy moment below:

Trump was encouraging Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to run for the Senate seat that is now being occupied by Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Trump said to the cameras:

“What do I know? But I hope this man right here, Rick Scott, runs for the Senate.”

It’s unclear if Rubio was wincing because he isn’t happy with Trump’s choice – after all, Scott previously suggested that his millionaire buddy Carlos Beruff should take Rubio’s seat – or because he really doesn’t like Trump touching him.

Rubio would be far from the only person who doesn’t want Trump getting that close to him. Recently, reporter Katy Tur detailed a truly disturbing encounter she had with Trump, which resulted in the POTUS planting an unwanted kiss on her cheek. It has also been widely documented that First Lady Melania Trump winces or looks extremely uncomfortable whenever Trump touches her. It’s clear that there’s definitely something wrong with Trump’s transfer of affection, and it seems to make everyone feel dirty.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images