Kid Rock Just Had His First Political Rally, And It Was Worse Than You’d Imagine (VIDEO)

Robert Ritchie, AKA Kid Rock, has shown quite a bit of interest in running for the Senate in Michigan over the last few months, which would pit him against incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Although he has not officially entered the race, Kid Rock launched the website in July.

Now Kid Rock has taken things to a whole new level by delivering campaign-style speeches during concerts. One of the first occured at a show on September 6 at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a performance that had already garnered it’s share of criticism and protesters before it even began, due to the artist’s history of using the Confederate flag as a prop, something Rock has tried to justify as “Southern pride,” despite the fact he hails from Detroit. Yes, this is a man who is considering running for office.

Kid Rock opened the night’s performance with a new track entitled ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ and then the entire arena went dark. A campaign banner was projected on a screen and a voice announced over the public address system “Ladies and gentleman, will you please welcome the next senator of the great state of Michigan, Kid motherf___ing Rock.” Red, white and blue lights came back on and Rock made his way on to the stage and settled behind a lectern with a parody of the presidential seal that read “United States of ’Merica” while ‘Hail to the Chief’ played in the background.

What followed was completely surreal as Rock stood at the podium, flanked by two women resplendent in white business shirts and hot-pants, and rhymed his way through an offensive, expletive-laden speech that, in comparison, made Donald Trump seem as reserved as a kindergarten teacher during his presidential campaign and, really, was a speech only Kid Rock could deliver. Rock covered all of the hot topics over the following four minutes between periodic bursts of guitars and thrusting, touching on sensitive issues such as health care and racism, while also calling out single mothers that rely on government assistance and white supremacists. He even went as far as considering the possibility of being President, pondering the potential of being able to grab his own junk while addressing the nation!

Watch the madness that was Kid Rock’s rant unfold here, however, a word of warning, there is quite a bit of coarse language. But, as if you expected anything less.

Featured image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images