Trump Shamefully Uses Hurricane Devastation To Promote Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Leave it to Donald Trump to exploit a tragedy.

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have left parts of Texas and Florida in ruins. Americans are dead because of these storms and the resulting floods.

I’ll say that again. People are dead.

But that isn’t stopping Trump from using the storms to promote his tax reform policy, a policy that would mostly benefit the wealthy while slashing the very revenues that contribute to paying for a strong Coast Guard, a prepared FEMA, and the organizations that predict and track hurricanes.

On his Twitter Wednesday morning, Trump urged Congress to begin work on tax reform.

Trump then told Congress to pass tax reform because of the hurricanes.

For most Twitter users, this didn’t make any sense.

Indeed, Trump’s tax plan would give tax giveaways to wealthy individuals and corporations. So while the rest of us are paying more than our fair share to keep the government running, people like Trump and corporations like the Trump Organization will be able to shirk their own responsibility.

Right now, we need taxes. Trump is already growing the deficit that had been shrinking under President Obama. Now he wants it to skyrocket with tax cuts that won’t do a damn thing to help this country. All such tax cuts will do is further strangle already cash-strapped government agencies like FEMA that Americans need more than ever.

What this country needs most is higher taxes on the wealthy, not lower.

Trump should be ashamed of himself for using these two tragedies to push his greedy tax plan. It’s an insult to the millions of Americans who have been affected.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images