The Trump Administration Is Helping Scam Universities Steal Money From Their Students

Trump’s Department of Education is delaying action on requests for student loan forgiveness from those whose money was stolen by the scams that are for-profit universities while they work to erase everything Obama tried to do to protect those very same students. The Trump administration, while claiming they’re “draining the swamp,” has brought more of the swamp into the federal government than anyone, and the people working at DOE are sympathetic to these scam universities, not their victims.

It’s true that a lack of action isn’t the same as telling students defrauded by these places that they’ll have to continue making their payments or face the consequences. However, that same lack of action is harming students and their families who are on the hook for loans they took out on false promises they’d be able to get good jobs with their degrees. They’re now stuck in a limbo that’s teetering towards the for-profit education scam.

Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institute both closed their doors under President Obama, who forgave more than $600 million in loans to their students. That’s $600 million in stolen money for which students were off the hook. But that was Obama, who tried to do things that helped ordinary Americans even in the face of unprecedented GOP obstruction. Trump and his administration?

Everything they do favors the few over the many, even when it includes stealing, which is what misrepresenting yourself and taking people’s money based on that misrepresentation is.

Trump himself has been sued more than once over his fraudulent “Trump University” because that program was literally nothing but lies built upon lies. Trump U. took people’s money and gave them nothing in return. Other for-profit universities promise students jobs in their fields within just a few months of graduation, but charge exorbitant tuition and have a history of forcing students to forfeit their right to sue as well as making promises they can’t back up.

Obama tried to eliminate the arbitration clauses for-profit universities were forcing on their students. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education secretary, says that students shouldn’t be the victims of fraud, but also said that certain standards protecting students were unfairly applied.

So DOE is allegedly working to change that. But since Trump himself operated a scam university, it’s only natural that he and his administration are going to see the profit side of things more than they will the defrauded-student side of things. Fraud is nothing more than another way to put dollars in their pockets, and it’s clear that they’d rather help scams rake in even more money than help real people.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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