Cowardly ESPN Won’t Stand Up For Black Reporter Who Spoke The Truth About Trump (TWEETS)

ESPN’s Jemele Hill is one of the most influential black women in sports casting. She is also unafraid to tell the truth and speak her mind – no matter who doesn’t like it. Therefore it comes as absolutely no surprise that she has plenty to say about Donald Trump. Of course, Trump has been getting dragged ever since his disgraceful response to the racist violence and murder in Charlottesville, Virginia at the hands of  Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Nazis, and other assorted white supremacists, and rightly so. Of course, Hill definitely had something to say about that, just like every other decent human being who sees Trump, once again, dog whistling racists. Hill took it a step further and said what we all should be saying, though: That Trump is a white supremacist, and there is no denying it now. Here are her tweets:

Of course, everything Jemele Hill just said is the straight up truth. Donald Trump has proven, repeatedly, that he is a white supremacist. Hell, he even hired literal Nazis to work in the White House in the form of now former advisers Stephen K. Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, and in the form of Stephen Miller, who is currently crafting the racist immigration policies, including the Muslim ban. Nonetheless, ESPN decided to be cowardly about this supposed controversy, and have released a statement distancing themselves from their sports reporter:

This network should be ashamed of itself. They are literally taking the side of Nazi-loving Trump over their marginalized black reporter. They know that what Jemele Hill said is the stone cold truth, yet they not only refuse to criticize Trump, but they are actively smacking down Jemele Hill.

Go ahead and be on the wrong side of history, ESPN. Good riddance. Jemele Hill is the best thing that ever happened to that sorry ass network, and you’d do well to recognize that.

Featured image via Jemele Hill Instagram/Brobible