BREAKING: Martin ‘Pharma Bro’ Shkreli Has Bail Revoked, Hauled To The Slammer

Martin Shkreli quickly gained notoriety during the contentious 2016 presidential campaign by price gouging in a monopoly on a vital, life-saving HIV drug. He instantly became the most hated man in America when he was completely unrepentant when it comes to taking lives due to pricing people out of the ability to pay for their medication. After that, legal battles ensued, and Shkreli was eventually convicted of securities fraud. His original arrest was captured on camera in an absolutely humiliating live perp walk to the satisfaction of decent human beings everywhere. Of course, he is rich, so he was out of jail on bail. All of that is changing now, though, and it seems that the most hated man in America is now going where he belongs: Straight back to jail.

The Associated Press is reporting that Shkreli has had his bail revoked by the State of New York in his securities fraud case, and will be going back to jail promptly. Hopefully, it is somewhere really brutal like Rikers Island, where his smug, frat boy smirk will be smacked right off his ugly face by people who are a hell of a lot more hard than he is. We generally abhor insane prison conditions around here, and we certainly abhor police brutality. However, considering what this guy did, it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

In a nation that rarely sees actual justice these days, these desserts are quite just, and inescapably satisfying. Fuck this guy. He’s getting exactly what he deserves.

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Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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