OOPS: Trump Forgets That He’s A Twitter Obsessed Narcissist Who Talks About Himself

Donald Trump is a complainer, but he really only has himself to blame.

Long before Election Day in 2016, a lot of books and articles had already been written about Trump, but since taking office, news about Trump has skyrocketed.

For some reason, Trump has a problem with it.

I myself have written about Trump so many times that I have to take mental health breaks from time to time.

Trump has apparently forgotten that everybody has access to him. Not only that, the man is constantly talking about himself — he can’t keep his mouth shut. Over the years he has appeared on radio and television, and has even repeatedly phoned into Fox News.

Trump’s Twitter feed alone is a rich source that has spawned thousands of articles and, yes, it could fill a book or two.

It’s never-ending for him. He is obsessed with being the center of attention and if he’s not he will do or say something to become the center attention.

Trump is such a public person that it makes sense that there’s enough material out there to fill up books and give journalists and bloggers things to write about on a daily basis.

Trump’s other problem is that people who have personal access to him, such as aides and White House staffers, are leaking information. That’s how the media has a good idea of what is going on inside the White House.

It’s how we know Trump’s White House is chaotic.

Make no mistake, Trump is whining because he thinks every book and article written about him should be nothing more than propaganda that makes him look good.

But as long as he keeps acting like a buffoon on Twitter (and during public appearances), he can expect the truth to continue to be written whether he likes it or not.

Featured Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images