Chainsaw MASS-acre: This Nun Is Doing More For Irma Victims Than Leather-Face Trump

On Tuesday afternoon, Miami-Dade Police tweeted a picture and an amazing video of one Sister Margaret Ann helping with cleanup from Hurricane Irma. Despite wearing some questionably suitable clothing for operating heavy equipment, the nun from Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in the Miami suburb of West Kendall, Florida was on the scene with a chainsaw to put the fear of God into some downed trees in her neighborhood.

The Sister is geared up for doing the Lord’s work, and I can’t help but wonder what other pious servants of Jesus are up to today.  Let’s see, we’ve got Ted “No Right To Masturbate” Cruz — he’s got his hands full with a “staffing issue” Twitter mishap today. Mike Pence is probably about to give Mother her afternoon peck on the cheek, so he can’t really grab a rake or a shovel. And what about the Proselytizer-in-Chief, Trump himself?

He’s busy congratulating his son Eric on the birth of their very-biblically nicknamed new child, “Luke.”

I have no idea what the quotation marks are for, so I’m just going to assume it’s so nobody thinks Donald’s newest grandchild is about to write the next book of Acts. But with a new baby to fawn over the genes of, and his Twitter to maintain, there’s no way that Donald Trump has any time to be helping with any silly hurricanes. After his administration started talking about withholding Harvey aid, did anyone actually expect any different?

All I know is, that’s one bad-ass nun. Trump could take a lesson from Sister Margaret Ann.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images