WATCH: Black Driver Bravely Shames Cop Who Drew His Gun Over A Turn Signal Infraction

When you are Black in America, getting pulled over by a cop – even for the smallest infraction – is a very scary thing. As we have seen repeatedly, this could cost you your life. Usually, when that happens, the cop in question faces no real consequences. Generally, the police department investigates itself and finds it did nothing wrong, naturally. So, to that end, Black Americans tend to act with extreme compliance when it comes to interactions with police. Not being that way could cost us our lives. However, one brave black driver who was pulled over for not using his turn signal properly decided that he’s had enough, and confronted the cop who pulled him over and approached with a drawn gun.

The whole incident was caught on video, as the man goes all in on the cop, saying:

“Big f*cking crime right? Big crime. A crime enough for you to come with your fucking gun pulled out, right? A turn signal not made is a big enough crime for you to need to take out your service pistol.”

Do you have no conscience? You just don’t give a f*ck right? Because I would have been just another dead black motherf*cker right?” the man tells the officer. “And you would have just gone about your business, right?”

Luckily, the officer didn’t shoot, and just accepted this rightfully outraged driver reading him the goods on his racist behavior. It’s too bad more encounters with racist cops making unfounded assumptions about the supposed dangerous criminality of Black Americans can’t end this way.

Now, time to find out who this cop is.

Watch the priceless video evidence of America’s racist policing problem below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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