‘Shoot At Hurricane Irma’ Facebook Event Taken Too Seriously, So Police Had To Issue A Warning

A Facebook event called “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” popped up just before the powerful storm made landfall in Florida, and apparently people took it seriously enough that the police felt they had to issue warnings not to do it.

Over 80,000 people responded to the event, which tells us two things: One, that the event’s young and naive creator, Ryon Edwards, had no freaking clue what he was really doing; and two, that people really are dumb enough to accept this on its face rather than question it. That’s probably more true of right-wing gun nuts than anything since the nuttier part of the right loves any excuse to shoot off their firearms.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, concerned that idiots might actually try this, tweeted the following in response to the interest in the event:

It’s a tiny bit like firing your weapon straight into the air. What goes up, must come down, and the bullets can come down on perfectly innocent people and cause serious injury. In the case of a hurricane, the bullets can get spun around, more or less, and come back to you or someone near you. That warning tweet has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times.

Edwards claimed that he created the event out of “stress and boredom.” The response apparently was a complete surprise to him, with him saying that he never thought this would get so out of control. People have allegedly even created graphics that show how to shoot at the hurricane “correctly,” and other Facebook events have appeared, with one suggesting using flamethrowers to stop the hurricane.

It’s really hard to tell what’s sarcasm and what’s not sometimes, especially for, well, stupid people. Edwards would have been better off finding something else to do with his “stress and boredom,” because yes, people really are that stupid.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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