Red Cross Raises Tens Of Millions And You Won’t Believe What They’re Feeding Hurricane Victims

Americans are opening their wallets and donating to relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and with Hurricane Irma almost about to hit land in the U.S., people would be wise to be wary of which charity organization to give money to. For example, a survivor of Hurricane Harvey will be fed by the Red Cross but the food might kill them.

The cauliflower doesn’t even look cooked and it sits next to a few slices of what looks like ham along with crackers instead of bread.

It isn’t clear what the percentage of donations to the Red Cross goes to victims. The charity organization claims that 91 percent goes to victims but that’s far from the truth. A Houston councilman has asked for people to not donate to the Red Cross, an organization which affords its executives with a hefty salary.

“I beg you not to send them a penny,” Houston City Councilman Dave Martin said at Wednesday’s council meeting. “They are the most inept unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced.”

“Don’t waste your money,” Martin added. “Give it to another cause.”

A study released by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) claims that the Red Cross had spent $124 million — one-quarter of the money donors gave for earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010 — on internal expenses.

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the Red Cross has collected $211 million, according to USA Today.

This Catholic charity claims that 100% of donated money goes to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

To its credit, the Red Cross is a massive first-response organization which has sheltered and fed (see picture above) hundreds of thousands of people.

A good chunk of Donald Trump’s $1 million donation to victims of Hurricane Harvey went to the Red Cross.

We’re not suggesting that the Red Cross feed ribeye steaks and lobster tails to hurricane victims, but geez, how about throwing together a sandwich with a few extras for the hungry survivors who are left with nothing in the world due to a natural disaster.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images