Trump Official Gets Asked A Simple Question About Global Warming. Her Response Is Unbelievable. (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s administration finds new ways to look foolish on a daily basis, and Trump’s staff is more than willing to pick up the slack whenever their boss isn’t behaving like a big enough idiot.

On Friday, Trump’s acting assistant administrator for Asia, Gloria Steele, made sure that she humiliated America and the Trump administration when she was left uncomfortably speechless by a simple question about climate change. The question was asked by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), who wanted to know if climate change has “anything at all to do with” rising sea levels in reference to the massive flooding in Bangladesh. Connolly asked Steele:

“Could the fact that a third of an entire sovereign nation—Bangladesh—being under water, could it have anything at all to do with, I don’t know, the warming of the climate?”

Just like most of the incompetent people staffed on Trump’s administration, Steele doesn’t know a damn thing about the position she’s in. Steele was obviously unprepared to answer any real questions about the matter, because all she could do was smile and let her mouth hang open as she was left clueless and speechless. This is an absolutely inappropriate response to a simple, straightforward question, but Steele could do no better.

It turns out that Steele is taking after her boss in being completely ignorant. Trump himself has called climate change a “hoax” many times, and has even blamed the Chinese for being responsible for its creation. Trump’s denial of facts and evidence on climate change is so dangerous that he made the United States one of the only three countries to oppose the Paris Climate Agreement. The stupidity of Trump and his administration are major threats to the future of the climate, and it’s clear that they don’t have any of the answers that the planet needs. You can watch Steele go completely mute below:

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images