Trump HUMILIATES Republicans In Latest Hissy Fit After Siding With Democrats On Debt Ceiling

Donald Trump sure knows how to add insult to injury.

Republicans in Congress must be seriously regretting their decision to endorse Trump now after they were totally humiliated on Thursday at the White House.

During a meeting inside the Oval Office to discuss debt ceiling proposals, Trump stunned Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell by taking a deal offered by the Democrats which increases the debt ceiling for three months and provides Texas with Hurricane Harvey relief with no strings attached. Republicans were hoping for an 18 month increase and wanted to hold hurricane relief hostage in order to get concessions from the Democrats on other issues.

But Trump pulled the rug out from under them because he knows that Republicans are incapable of governing even with majority control of the House and Senate.

And that’s why Trump kicked Republicans while they were down on Friday morning, suggesting he took the Democrats’ offer because of Republican failures to pass legislation. He then whined about the filibuster and asked Republicans to work on tax reform and get it done before the end of the month.

Republicans are not going to get tax reform done by the end of the month. They have even passed the debt ceiling bill with Hurricane Harvey relief yet. The GOP is a fractured party right now, the majority of whom are controlled by an extremist base.

Trump would be better off working with the Democrats. He’d not only get things done, he would be able to sign legislation that is far better for the country.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images