Trump Just Accidentally Admitted Climate Change Is Real (VIDEO)

Somebody must have put some truth serum in Little Donnie’s Cheerios this morning, because first thing this morning, he tweeted something that was actually nice about a federal agency that his Republican cohorts love to denigrate — FEMA:

He didn’t stop there. During a joint press conference at the White House with the Emir of the State of Kuwait, Amir al-Sabah on Thursday, Trump was asked if he thought FEMA was being “spread too thin” with all of the crazy weather events happening right now. Not only did he acknowledge how well FEMA was handling both Hurricane Harvey and the impending storms that have yet to come aground, but he noted that the media was actually doing their job and reporting non-fake news!

“Well FEMA is doing an incredible job, as you all know. I mean, you’ve been reporting it. You’ve seen how incredible they are. And there’s a great bravery to what they’re doing.”

Like I said, something is off when Captain Congratulations has any praise for someone other than himself.

But then Trump said something that sounded distinctly like he was acknowledging the existence of climate change:

“We’ve never had a thing like this where you get hit with Harvey, which was about as bad as it gets, certainly from the standpoint of a water dump, and then you get hit with Irma, and there’s one right behind Irma. I guess you probably know, but a smaller one, but nevertheless right behind.”

Now, not to detract from any concessions Donald Trump might be making to science, but I think he might be forgetting Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. No matter, we’ll take Trump agreeing with basic facts wherever we can get it.

Watch the clip from the joint press conference here:

Featured image via Chris Kleponis (Pool)/Getty Images

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