CNN And MSNBC Destroy Trump, Black Out His Fact-Free Tax Reform Speech (TWEET)

Donald Trump practically does something to criticize the media as being “fake news” on an almost daily basis, but two major news networks have just turned the tables and put him on blast in a major way.

The White House is currently up in arms over a recent decision by CNN and MSNBC, who decided not to air Trump’s insanely dishonest North Dakota speech from earlier today. Trump was supposed to address tax reform in his speech, but there was a major problem with what he was saying – not a word of it was true. In response to this fact-free speech, CNN and MSNBC decided that it was irresponsible to air the speech and decided to spare Americans the misinformation and nonsense.

Once the Trump administration found out about this move by the press, the White House practically threw a hissy fit. Special Assistant to the President and Assistant White House Communications Director Steven Chueng tweeted:

Instead of insulting their viewers with Trump’s lies, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace reported on important, truthful topics such as DACA and Russia. CNN’s Jake Tapper focused on Hurricane Irma, Russia, and the debt ceiling while Trump spewed his usual nonsense.

This was a major f*ck you to the Trump administration and sends a strong message that the dishonest narrative that his administration continues to put out to the American people will not be tolerated. While people aren’t likely going to react so strongly to a topic as dry as tax reform, having two major networks refusing to air his speech is a big deal. Trump desperately wants and needs that coverage, and is obviously pissed that all eyes were not on him. If more cable news networks break from Trump, his already failing presidency will be in even more danger.

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