Trump Humiliated As DACA Decision Practically Kills His Presidency (DETAILS)

As we saw with his Muslim travel ban as well as his attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, every time Donald Trump puts forth one of his disastrous ideas, it blows up in his face and delivers a devastating blow to his already failing presidency.

Each time Trump introduces an unpopular policy or idea, his already historically low approval rating takes another nosedive. This week, Trump only managed to make things worse for himself when he decided to end former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. Here’s the problem – most Americans disagree with him.

According to a recent survey from Morning Consult/Politico, almost 80% (76% to be exact) of Americans do not believe that Dreamers (the undocumented immigrants that were brought into the United States illegally as kids) should be forced to return to their countries. The majority of Americans are far more humane than Trump, and believe that these immigrants should have the opportunity to become citizens, as most have been productive members and have contributed greatly to American society.

Trump is especially in trouble because his decision to end DACA only offers more proof that he is a racist a**hole. As MSNBC’s Joy Reid perfectly pointed out, there is “no economic, national security or social cohesion rationale” for ending DACA:

Trump might say that he has “great love” for the immigrants that are living in America, but his decision proves the exact opposite. Trump wants to strip Dreamers of the lives and progress they have made for themselves in this country and force them to return to countries they are unfamiliar with, where they will have nothing.

With this decision, Trump is not only screwing himself over by killing his presidency, but he is also basically putting the GOP in great danger in future elections by excluding one of the fastest-growing voting demographics. Trump is sinking the Republican Party – and his presidency – at record speed.

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