Trump Brags About Hurricane Size As Florida Braces For Disaster

Donald Trump is apparently thrilled that Hurricane Irma will be the biggest storm to ever hit the United States.

Only weeks after Hurricane Harvey left a swath of devastation and death in Texas, Florida is bracing for an even deadlier and more destructive storm.

People will die. Businesses and homes will be wiped off the map. Suffering and homelessness will be the reality in Florida. But Trump is too busy bragging about the size of the hurricane to actually care about the people who are in the path of the storm.

In yet another Twitter rant on Wednesday morning, Trump proclaimed that his team is already in Florida preparing for the storm after bragging about what a “good job” they have done in Texas.

In fact, Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey was to brag about the size of that storm, and he ended an Obama-era flood policy as Houston drowned. Trump has also proposed massive cuts to FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which predicts and tracks hurricanes.

It should also be noted that Trump inherited a FEMA that took the lessons of Hurricane Katrina seriously in preparation for future storms. So, Trump and his team did nothing special.

But what Trump did next on Twitter shows just how little empathy and compassion he has for the people in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Yeah, you read that right. Trump literally bragged about the size of this hurricane as if it’s something to be proud of. This coming from a man who denies the very climate change that is causing bigger and more destructive hurricanes to form.

As Floridians prepare for disaster, they must be wondering why Trump is so excited about watching them get slammed by the largest hurricane to ever strike the United States. If anything, Trump should be concerned about the coming destruction and death instead of bragging like he’s about to win a prize.

Featured Image: Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images