Seahawks Star Has Even MORE To Protest Before Games After Police Brutality In Vegas

One of the most feared defensive ends in football, Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks, posted an account on Twitter Wednesday of his own story of police brutality, and it happened less than three weeks ago.

Bennett was in Las Vegas the day after his team bested the Kansas City Chiefs in a preseason matchup. Before that game, as Bennett has the entire preseason, he sat during the national anthem in protest against police brutality nationwide. Number 72 has been an outspoken activist for years, but this year he has elected to actually join other players in protest of the treatment of people of color at the hands of police.

Ironic doesn’t begin to cover what happened to him the very next day. With a statement far too large to fit into even a series of tweets, Bennett posted his account of what happened after the much-hyped fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on August 26th:

To be clear, Michael Bennett is a very big man. At six-foot-four and 275 pounds of pure muscle, Bennett wears a smaller version of standard NFL shoulder pads so they don’t get in his way as he crushes his opponents on the field. But this beast of a man, compliant in every way, finally encountered something that made him fear for his life: The police.

Any Seahawks fan — and I am one of the biggest — will tell you that Michael Bennett is the last person that would ever be a suspect in any kind of violent crime. If he seems like a monster when he gears up, it is in polar opposite to his life off the field. He lives in Hawaii with his wife and three young daughters. His brother Martellus, a tight end for the Packers, writes children’s books. Michael collaborates with his brother’s business, The Imagination Agency. He is a happy man.

But today he is not happy. If NFL fans thought they were going to get players to stop protesting during the national anthem by complaining about their patriotism, they should seek out Michael Bennett and ask him how much he loves this country. Bennett is a proud American, standing up against the police brutality that has claimed so many young black lives, and almost claimed his own.

Featured image via Elsa (Staff)/Getty Images

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