Florida Sheriff Exploits Desperate Hurricane Victims, Will Arrest Anyone With A Warrant Seeking Shelter

Ever since Donald Trump’s rise, some of the most heartless people in positions of power have come out of the woodwork – likely because they are emboldened by Trump’s being a heartless bastard from the bully pulpit of the White House. Case in point – Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida’s Polk County.

Of course, Florida is right in the middle of the path of the Category 5 beast known as Hurricane Irma. Therefore, there will be people in need of shelter and safety from the storm. However, instead of trying to help people stay alive during Irma, Sheriff Judd has reminded them that if they have any warrants out and they seek shelter, they will be arrested and taken to jail.  Hell, they even suggest that to make it easier, you should just turn yourself in to the jail instead! This was, of course, announced via Twitter:

Here is a screenshot of the relevant tweets, via CNN’s Twitter:

Of course, this is incredibly dangerous. This man should be doing everything he can to protect the residents of the county he is sworn to serve and protect, not threatening them with jail time for seeking shelter from what could clearly be a very deadly storm. It’s like this Sheriff wants people to be afraid to seek help, and ultimately wind up dying in a deadly hurricane. His actions are complete dereliction of duty, and he should be relieved of said duties.

Of course, we all know that won’t happen. What is more likely to happen is that more deaths occur than otherwise would have because people are too afraid to come forward for help.

Featured image via CNN Twitter

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