South Dakota Republican Rigs Upcoming Election For Herself By Personally Purging Democratic Voters

This is a clear case of election-rigging.

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is running for Congress in 2018. But rather than win the votes of the people fair and square, Krebs is using her current position to stack the odds in her favor.

The Dakota Free Press pointed out that Krebs has purged thousands of voters from the rolls in the last threes months.

The September 1, 2017, South Dakota voter registration tally shows 11,762 voters—2.14% of the August 1 total—removed from Active status and 11,450 newly Inactive voters. This one-month purge restocks the Inactive pool, which the Secretary of State has whittled down over the last 18 months from a March 2016 peak of 54,708 to an August 2017 low of 30,619. Inactives now total 42,069…Thus, in three months, the Secretary of State managed to scrub 3.06% of the names on the voter rolls.

Considering how close elections can be in this country, three percent is a big deal and could easily be enough to guarantee a victory for Krebs in November 2018.

In fact, Democratic voters were targeted most by Krebs, which makes it all the more clear that she is rigging the election to help herself. In all, 2.63 percent of Democratic voters were purged from the rolls. If Democratic voters are kept from voting, her opponent doesn’t stand a chance against her.

And that’s probably the whole point.

This is voter suppression in its ugliest form. No candidate for office should have unfettered access to the voter rolls. As Secretary of State, Krebs is supposed to make sure elections are fair. But because she is going to be a congressional candidate in 2018, it appears she has thrown fairness out the window because winning is more important to her.

“When she pulls up the list of voters whom the state hasn’t heard from for a while, it wouldn’t be hard to sort that list by party and start with the Democrats first,” the Dakota Free Press noted.

That means Krebs has a conflict of interest and she should be forced to resign.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images