Putin Breaks Up With Trump In HUMILIATING Public Split: He Is ‘Not My Bride’

Ever since Donald Trump rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his disgraceful bid for the White House, people have been making jokes about his alleged love affair with Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin. This is more than fair; after all, Putin is the ONE person Trump refuses to criticize. The orange one has viciously attacked everyone from the cast of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, to Congresspeople and Senators in both his own party and the opposing party, too many celebrities to mention, cable news hosts, and just about anyone else you could think of. But not Vladimir Putin, not ever. The only close second is Trump’s bizarre coddling of white supremacists and Nazis.

Therefore, it must be the ultimate humiliation to have Putin do the unthinkable to Trump in a VERY public way: and say, and I quote, that,  “is not my bride.” According to the New York Times, the Russian dictator seems to be tiring of Trump’s chaos. At this point, Putin has spent a lot of political capital on the world stage helping get Trump elected, and yet Trump has failed to deliver sanctions relief, a better U.S.-Russia relationship, or anything else to the brutal dictator. Putin reportedly said of Trump:

“[He is] not my bride, and I am not his groom.”

Of course, Trump wants to be seen as a man’s man, so to be emasculated by being referred to in the feminine by the man whose bitch everyone has accused him of being is really rubbing salt in that wound. Apparently, Putin made the remarks when being asked about what he thought of the idea that Trump might be removed from office forcibly before his four-year term is completed. Of course, no matter how humiliating this is for Trump, there will be no retaliation. He can’t strike out at Putin; after all, this is the one man on the face of the planet who likely has the MAJOR goods on Trump.

Now, if only Putin would grow tired of this game and release the most damning information ever and help us end this embarrassing American nightmare.

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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