Hardcore Conservative Republican Senator BLASTS Trump’s Decision To Kill DACA

Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is so toxic that even one of his most hardcore conservative Republican supporters in the Senate opposes it.

It’s safe to say that Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is one of Trump’s most ardent supporters. After all, Lankford votes with Trump’s position nearly 96 percent of the time, and he backed Trump during the 2016 Election.

But Lankford is breaking with Trump when it comes to killing DACA.

DACA was put in place by President Obama to help children who were brought to the United States by their parents. America is where they grew up and it is the only home they have ever really known. DACA was created to give them a path to citizenship and over 800,000 have applied.

Deporting these people is heartless, especially since they would be deported to countries they have never really lived in.

Trump’s decision to end DACA has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike, and has drawn outrage from the American people. Trump’s racist supporters, of course, support his decision.

But some Republicans, like Lankford, oppose it.

“It is right for there to be consequences for those who intentionally entered this country illegally,” Lankford said in a statement. “However, we as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents.”

“We must confront the nation’s out-of-date immigration policy and finally resolve the issues of strong border enforcement and merit immigration,” Lankford continued. “Policy reform must come from the American people through Congress. The Legislative and Executive Branch should put aside passivity and partisanship and finally modernize our immigration laws.”

That’s nice, but if Lankford really supports DACA he will put his money where his mouth is and introduce a bill to enshrine it in law. Anything less would reveal his statement to be a lie designed to save his own ass from the wrath of voters who oppose Trump’s decision.

Trump intends to make an official announcement on Tuesday. Let’s hope the outrage and opposition are enough to make him change his mind.

Featured image via Ron Sachs – Pool/Getty Images