WATCH: Kellyanne Conway’s Latest Gushing About Trump Will Make America Vomit

The wicked witch of the White House makes America sick again.

As we all know, Donald Trump botched his first visit to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by basically holding a rally and bragging about himself without once talking to a victim of the storm or surveying the devastation first-hand.

And Trump’s do-over trip was just as embarrassing and divisive as he praised the Coast Guard before attacking the media and bragging about his hand size.

But Kellyanne Conway thinks all of that adds up to Trump uniting the country.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday, Conway gushed about Trump’s visit to Texas and bragged about his pledge of $1 million to Harvey victims after Abby Huntsman incorrectly claimed that Trump’s recent most recent trip has not been criticized by the media.

“That’s what’s so significant here, that the president and first lady felt compelled to donate $1 million of their own money, felt compelled to visit twice, to really spend the time yesterday, engage people, look them in the eye,” Conway said.

The only reason why Trump visited a second time is because he f*cked up his first visit so badly.

“This is the Donald Trump that so many of us know and are privileged to work with and to know very close and personal,” Conway continued.

And we all that’s complete bullshit because Trump is a vindictive narcissist who only cares about himself. He has proved that time and time again.

Furthermore, that $1 million pledge is merely a pledge. He actually hasn’t donated a penny yet. And he probably won’t since the foundation he uses to donate other people’s money to charities is under investigation. Trump won’t spend his own money to help those in need.

But Conway wasn’t done making America puke. She claimed that Trump is uniting the country by helping people who didn’t vote for him as if to suggest that he doesn’t have to help people who didn’t support him in 2016.

“We look at them as our brothers and sisters in need who are suffering,” Conway said. “But this man is somebody who has always expressed the capacity and compassion for people in need.”

Is everyone done laughing yet? Because we all know Trump has zero compassion for anyone. He lacks the capacity to care about others. He only cares about himself and his image. Again, the only reason he went back to Texas a second time is because he refused to take the time to visit victims the first time around. Now he is busy using the victims as props so he can claim to give a damn.

Conway then attacked the media for criticizing Trump, despite Huntsman claiming that there was no criticism of this second trip.

“They look so peevish and so small,” Conway said. “People are saying he missed an opportunity to unify the country. They are doing exactly that here. And also getting people — meeting their needs of food, water, and shelter at the same time. Let’s unify as a country beginning with the president.”

Here’s the video via YouTube. The relevant remarks begin at the 5:30 mark.

Donald Trump did not unify the country by going to Texas. If anything, he divided it even further by botching his first visit and then attacking the media during his second visit. He couldn’t even control himself at a time when petty grievances should be put aside. Kellyanne Conway should be ashamed of herself. And so should Abby Huntsman.

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