Trump STUPIDLY Attacks A Major U.S. Ally Before Threatening North Korea With War

If Donald Trump drags us into war with North Korea, it could be without the help of our most important ally in the region.

South Korea is a critical ally since the country sits just below North Korea. South Korea not only serves as a base for our troops and any strike we launch against Kim Jong-Uu, it would provide logistical and military support.

Defeating North Korea requires strong allies and cooperation. But Trump may have just ruined that with a Twitter tantrum on Sunday morning.

First, Trump took a shot at China. Then he tweeted out what amounts to an “I told you so” and accused South Korea of appeasing North Korea. Then he threatened war with North Korea.

Trump’s attack on South Korea comes just a day after he instructed his staff to prepare to withdraw from the South Korea trade deal, another move that antagonizes one of our closest allies at a time when we need them the most.

So just to recap, China has warned Trump not to attack North Korea and now he has antagonized South Korea.

America is running out of allies in Asia. And it’s all because Donald Trump is a terrible leader who thinks being a bully works better than diplomacy and cooperation. Americans better get ready for nuclear war because Trump is going to start one.

Featured image via Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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