Trump Trolls Turn On GOP Moderates: ‘You’re Gonna Get Primaried’

Believe or not, “moderates” do exist in the Republican Party. To those of us on the left, they hardly seem moderate, but they certainly aren’t like, say, the Ted Cruz’s of the world. In the House of Representatives, they even have a name. They call themselves the Tuesday Group. And since Donald Trump took office, it has been Republicans from that group who have been pushing back the hardest on Trump’s more extreme and cruel policies. To that end, it should come as no surprise that Trump’s band of trolls in his base are threatening the people in the Tuesday Group with primary challenges in 2018.

At the top of the Trump trolls’ list of targets is Tuesday Group co-chair Charlie Dent (R-PA). They’re letting Rep. Dent know that his days are numbered in the most public of ways – by holding a huge event where they blasted their warnings to him from a park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Adam Gingrich, who gives political advice to hard right politicians said to Dent:

“You’re gonna get primaried.”

This particular rally is just the beginning. These people seem to be ready to primary anyone who has been critical of Trump and his agenda from the right. There’s just one problem with that, though: They don’t seem to understand some of these districts. In a place like Pennsylvania, Ted Cruz-style policies will not fly. These people have to be more moderate than say, members of the ultra conservative Freedom Caucus or they don’t get elected and re-elected. There’s that, and the fact that most of them seem to at least be attempting to appear reasonable. Despite these facts, though, word has leaked out that Trump himself went after Rep. Dent in a private rant, saying that Dent is “destroying the Republican Party.”

So, as they are likely to do, the Trump Trolls came out in force on Friday in order to back their orange man up. Northampton County GOP Chairwoman Gloria “Lee” Snover said of Rep. Dent:

“I looked Charlie Dent in the eye and I saw the swamp. In times past, I’ve supported Charlie Dent as the only alternative. But now, with his disregard and disrespect to my president … I will no longer be able to support Congressman Dent. For the first time, we finally are going to have primary challengers we can get behind.”

So, in other words, fall in lockstep with Trump or get out. Rep. Dent, to his credit, is pushing back, though. He says of the situation:

“I have repeatedly made it clear that on issues such as reforming the VA, making the regulatory environment more reasonable, improving America’s infrastructure, providing necessary funding to help meet the needs of our military and spurring economic growth, I will work constructively and supportively with President Trump.”

“At the same time. I am not a sycophant. If the president errs on issues that are important to the people of the 15th, or for the entire country, I will continue to state my opinions respectfully and civilly.”

The best part of this is that it could be a huge gift to Democrats. Pennsylvania is a swing state that, until 2016, always went blue. Therefore, the idea of a hard right conservative being elected there is pretty out there. We can’t rule it out, of course, but if the GOP spends all of its times fighting with itself and the Democrats unify around one candidate, we win.

Get it together, Democrats. Here are a whole bunch of seats we could possibly win simply because Trump Trolls can’t abide a GOP lawmaker who isn’t licking Trump’s boots 24/7.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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