Trump Brags About Hand Size While At Hurricane Shelter, And It’s Beyond Weird (VIDEO)

It’s more than clear that Donald Trump is very proud of himself for visiting Texas for the second time after Hurricane Harvey. He’s made sure to post videos of himself arriving, and the press is swarming him while he visits shelters housing displaced hurricane victims. Optics really are the best, right? Especially for plummeting approval ratings.

However, in a very weird moment, the camera caught Trump talking about his hand size. That’s right, Trump shouted:

“My hands are too big!”

Here’s the video:

Weird right? It’s not really clear why he would say such a thing, or who he was saying it to. However, there he was, in the middle of a hurricane shelter, seemingly bragging about the size of his hands.

If you’re unaware, the size of Trump’s hands has been an ongoing joke ever since the presidential race. The gag is that he has really tiny hands, or at least that’s how rumor has it. So, overcompensating, he bragged about his hands then, and he’s clearly still making sure people think his hands are plenty big enough for whatever it is he is doing at that shelter.

Nonetheless, it’s still weird and unnecessary to make sure he says such a thing on camera. He doth protest too much.

Featured image via video screen capture