Russian TV Host Just Admitted Russia Elected Trump

While in the United States, Special Investigator Robert Mueller is in the midst of making the case that Russia interfered with our election, there are apparently no questions about it in Russia. A television host for Russian state television admitted that they, as in Russians, elected Trump. The host isn’t happy with the decision, either.

It gets worse for Trump. The host compared the reality star to a baby.

If you understand Russian, here’s the entire show:

Twitter users were stunned at the admission:

There’s a lot of dismay at the fact that Russian TV would admit to installing a puppet president, right in front of a potential world audience, but the fact is that they don’t care. They have nothing to lose by the truth coming out, except for Trump’s loyalty, which they are increasingly seeing as irrelevant, simply because he’s such a doofus and completely ineffective. The worst that will be done to Russia is more sanctions.

Featured image via Handout/Getty Images