It’s Become Obvious Trump Is Filming PR Video With Hurricane Shelter Visit (VIDEO)

One thing is for certain when it comes to Donald Trump’s *presidency, he’s failing miserably and his approval rating is reflecting exactly that. According to Gallup Daily, Trump’s approval rating has plummeted to 34% with 61% of the country disapproving of the job Trump is doing.

via Gallup

What better way to make himself at least look like he’s doing a good job than to appear to be helping the people of Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Of course, he could just go and help, but it appears that he’s brought along quite the press team and perhaps even a video production team to record his actions.

Watch the video here:

Don’t be surprised that if in the coming days we see a PR video come out on Trump’s Twitter feed that will show all the “good work” Trump is doing for the people of Texas. And of course, people will fall for it, as they fall for most of his schtick. However, it’s clear he’s trying to rebound from a dismal approval rating that continues to sink fast. Pretty sad that he’s going to such great lengths to make it look like he’s doing a good job. He could, you know, actually do a good job. But that’s unlikely.

(*pending ongoing investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured image via video screen capture