Texas Republican Rejects Canadian Offer Of Real Help For Hurricane Victims, Asks For Prayers Instead

This is why religion should stay out of government.

The people of Houston, Texas are drowning as flooding continues in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Death and destruction are everywhere, and people are desperate for any help that can be provided. People need food, shelter, clothing, and medical supplies.

At this point, the people of Houston don’t really care where the aid comes from as long as it comes.

But Texas’ Republican Secretary of State rejected an offer from Canada this week that would have provided blankets, beds, and physical manpower to the region affected by the storm.

Quebec’s Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre contacted Rolando Pablos to offer aid and condolences.

“It was a conversation about how devastating the situation is and we want to express our support to the people of Texas,” St-Pierre said.

Had Pablos accepted Canada’s help, many people in Texas could have had blankets, pillows, and perhaps even something more crucial. The manpower Canada offered would have come in the form of professional electricians who would have helped restore much needed power to residents and buildings such as hospitals and shelters.

“Our crews are well-equipped and they have good knowledge of the grid so they can help to restore and rebuild the distribution lines,” Hydro-Québec spokesperson Louis-Olivier Batty told CBC. Indeed, 250 Hydro-Quebec electricians did great work restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Canada offered real help to storm victims. But Republicans slapped away their hand of friendship. Instead of accepting the generous offer of supplies and volunteers, Texas Republicans rejected the offer and asked for “prayers from the people of Quebec.”

That’s right. Texas Republicans think prayers can help them more than actual supplies and manpower.

What the people of Texas need right now are not prayers. They need blankets, beds, and electrical power, all of which are in short supply because God sent a f*cking hurricane to slam the Texas coast.

The people of Texas should be outraged that their elected officials are not accepting help from Canada. This offer could mean the difference between life and death for many people. Prayer is not going to help. It’s a nice thought, but it won’t do any good. People can’t get warm by wrapping themselves in prayer. Electrical lines won’t magically fix themselves because of prayer.

This is why Republicans are totally unfit to lead. They offer prayers instead of real solutions. And that is going to cause more deaths and suffering in Texas.

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