Ex-DOJ Lawyer Just Dropped The Most Depressing Truth Bomb About The Trump Administration

While most Americans are aware that Donald Trump has full intentions of undoing much of the country’s progress and taking us backwards in history, it’s an entirely different thing to hear it from a professional.

Vanita Gupta, the former acting head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, had served under former POTUS Barack Obama and has made some very depressing remarks based on her experience with Obama’s administration and Trump’s. In an interview with the Washington Post, Gupta said she’s been shocked by Trump’s “anti-civil rights agenda”:

“I have a severe case of whiplash, not just from being at the Justice Department, but also, quite honestly, from being a civil rights lawyer my whole life. I just have never seen an administration in my lifetime that has been so intent on pursuing an anti-civil rights agenda.”

That’s a frightening remark to hear from a civil rights lawyer. The bigotry that has taken over the government under Trump isn’t hard to miss, but a reminder like this does not make it easier to swallow. Fortunately, Gupta believes that Americans are the ones who will ultimately keep the country true to its values.

Gupta is now championing The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and she says that even though the Trump administration is signaling a downward spiral for human rights, she has hope due to the resistance to Trump’s attempts to destroy America’s progress. She said:

“I am heartened by the level of energy that exists in communities around the country that are pushing back. I don’t think any of us who believe in our country and in American ideals are gonna give up and kind of just throw our hands up and cower into a corner.”

You can listen to her interview below:

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images