The Guy Donald Trump Called ‘My African-American’ Thinks Trump Is Horrible For Black People

In between defending white supremacists and pardoning a white supremacist, Donald Trump makes half hearted attempts at convincing the nation that he’s not racist. In reality, he’s only convincing his followers, most of whom presumably have “black friends” and “don’t see race.”

Like his followers, Trump has a difficult time making a convincing case that he’s not racist, even when he’s trying. He famously tried during the presidential campaign, when at one rally, he pointed to a man, calling him “my African-American.” Of course, claiming ownership over another human being is always a really, really bad idea, but it’s especially bad if you’re trying to come across as woke, even by Trump’s standards.

What’s worse, though, is that the man who Trump called “my African-American” wasn’t even a Trump supporter, and nothing has changed, except for the fact that Greg Cheadle is now more convinced than ever that Trump is horrible for black people.

Trump called Cheadle out by skin color at a rally in June of last year:

It didn’t bother Cheadle, though:

Cheadle later downplayed the exchange to NPR, saying during an interview, “I was not offended by it, because he had been speaking positively about black people prior to that statement. People around me were laughing [at the fact] that he noticed me, and everybody was happy. It was a jovial thing.”

He claimed, however, that he wasn’t a Trump supporter and only went there to see what he was really like:

“I am not a Trump supporter. I went to go hear Donald Trump because I have an open mind,” he added.

Source: Newsweek

Of course the internet was skeptical that Cheadle wasn’t really a Trump supporter, and it was right. Cheadle is a Republican and he ended up voting for Trump, but mostly because he didn’t like Hillary.

It appears now that Cheadle is regretting that vote.

“I would like for him just to show an interest in black people,” Cheadle said. “Why can’t he go to a black city? Why can’t he trumpet black business? Why can’t he have more black people in his administration?”

He contended Trump’s call for “law and order” is really “code language for, ‘We’re going to arrest more black people.’”

To put that in some perspective, he didn’t think Obama did enough for black people either.

Still, Cheadle hasn’t completely turned on #45. He says his support is “on life support” after Trump’s Charlotte comments. I’m not sure what it might take for him to finally pull the plug.

Featured image via Joe Readle/Getty Images