Kellyanne Conway Immediately Regrets Defending Trump, Humiliates Herself On Live Television (VIDEO)

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway should have learned by now that whenever she tries to defend Donald Trump, she always ends up making a fool of herself instead.

At this point in Trump’s still budding presidency, it’s become almost impossible to defend him. His approval rating is historically low and continues to plummet as he continues to f*ck up time and time again.

Recently, Conway was made to regret her job as Trump’s mouthpiece when she tried to argue that Trump was more approved of than the media. In an interview, Conway tried to beef up Trump’s approval rating by dissing the media, and it went terribly wrong. Conway said:

“Why don’t you throw up the mainstream numbers as well. Somebody can call me and let me know when the President’s approval rating gets as low as the media’s approval rating, and the Congress’s and the party’s.”

Conway must be just as ignorant as Trump because it’s already been widely reported that far more voters (52 percent to be exact) prefer and trust the mainstream media over Trump. Only 37 percent would trust Trump over the media.

Once again, Conway and her alternative facts have made America look like a joke. It’s not just a stretch to say that Trump is more popular than the media – it’s a flat out lie because he can’t even come close. Trump and his administration are so dishonest that if the media wasn’t doing its job, the American people would be left in the dark. Thanks to the Trump administration, fewer Americans than ever have trust and faith in their government and have turned to the free press for answers.

Conway’s defense of Trump only further proves that America is being led by an administration with no dignity whatsoever. You can watch Conway embarrass herself below:

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