Trump ‘Really Likes’ The Idea Of A Violent Uprising When He’s Impeached

According to Trump ally Alex Jones, when Donald Trump is impeached all bets are off. He won’t tell his supporters to accept the decision of the American people. He won’t urge calm. In fact, he quite enjoys the idea of a violent uprising in his name.

Recently, TMZ approached Trump ally Roger Stone in an airport and asked about impeachment.

“This is not 1974,” Stone said. “People will not stand for [the impeachment of President Trump]. Any politician who votes for it would be endangering their own life. There will be violence on both sides.”

Stone clarified that a civil war “will happen” if The Donald is impeached.

“I was told the president really liked Roger Stone’s clip on TMZ when they confronted him in an L.A. airport saying, ‘We’re going to impeach Trump.'” Jones said during an interview with recently pardoned criminal Joe Arpaio after the former Maricopa County sheriff  said that “people who want to take me down better watch out.”

Trump has never exactly shied away from violence. In fact, when people oppose him at his rallies, he quite literally tells his meth-addled fascist followers to attack them. He has even offered to pay legal fees for supporters who brutally beat black men at his events.

Unfortunately for Trump’s supporters, a violent uprising will not go so well for them. While they view the Left as anti-gun, many of us are well-armed and (unlike them) properly trained to defend ourselves. We just don’t worship our weapons like they do.

Watch the interview below:

Featured image via Gerry Images (Ralph Freso)

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