Enough About Texas, Let’s Talk Taxes: Trump’s Priorities Shift To Breaks For The Rich

After a brief and almost meaningless visit to Texas, during which Donald Trump didn’t meet with a single victim of Hurricane Harvey, the president’s cavalcade moved on to Missouri, where he returned to what he really cares about: More money for wealthy people.

He’s first, of course. His tweets from Wednesday morning prove unequivocally that the only victim he cares about is himself. He sent out a placating message about “horror and devastation” (which he didn’t ask even one Harvey refugee about) just 25 minutes after a tweet about North Korea, and only 15 minutes before he went back into Martyr Mode™:

With that much obsession on his own well-being, why wouldn’t the next logical step be another campaign-style stop to try and convince people to support his awful tax plan? Did I say campaign-style? What I mean is, this was not a White House event. This was straight-up partisan. If Donald Trump operated under the rule of law, the RNC would have to reimburse taxpayers for his Missouri speech, in which he explicitly called for the ouster of a Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill. Speaking to a crowd in Springfield, Trump said,

We must lower our taxes and your senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you, and if she doesn’t, you have to vote her out of office.

That’s campaigning, not laying out policy. But he doesn’t have much policy yet to reveal: The GOP has yet to agree on much of what will go into their “tax reform” package. Trump himself would like to see the “business” tax rate lowered to 15%, a number so low that it would cripple the government without slashing spending on the poor. But even most Republicans oppose so low a rate, and his plans for “tax relief for the middle class and repatriating offshore profits” are, so far, still out in the ether somewhere.

The bottom line is, now that he’s got that awful trip to Texas out of the way, Trump is on the warpath, and his only focus is now on winning. He even warned the members of his party not to disappoint him on taxes, the way they did on Trumpcare:

I am fully committed to working with Congress to get this job done, and I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress. Do you understand me?

Oh, we understand, Donnie. You were embarrassed by Mitch McConnell and humiliated by John McCain, so now you want a McVictory to soothe your fiery case of butthurt. Americans see through your “tax reforms,” though. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s the Republican Way!

Featured image via Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

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