Georgia Republican Threatens To ‘Disappear’ Democrat Over Monuments To Slavery

A furious Georgia Republican issued a horrifying threat to a Democrat over her push to remove Confederate statues. In an ominous social media post, State Rep. Jason Spencer warned that if former state Rep. LaDawn Jones doesn’t abandon her fight against monuments to slavery, she might “go missing.”

In a contentious back and forth on Facebook, Spencer told Jones that “people in South Georgia are people of action, not drama” and then added that people who don’t understand that “will go missing in the Okefenokee.”

“Too many necks they are red around here,” he wrote. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about ’em.”

Jones, a black woman who represented an Atlanta-based district from 2012 to 2016, did not back down from Spencer’s “threat of physical violence.”

“Enjoy but know … WINTER IS COMING,” Jones wrote back. “You know it too … otherwise you wouldn’t have found a need to even make this post or those hollow threats of not coming to south GA.”

Spencer now swears that he really wasn’t threatening Jones. Of course. No, to the contrary, he was just trying to keep her safe by giving a “warning to her of how people can behave about this issue.” (Insert eye roll here.)

“She is from Atlanta – and the rest of Georgia sees this issue very differently,” Spencer said. “Just trying to keep her safe if she decided to come down and raise hell about the memorial in the back yards of folks who will see this as an unwelcome aggression from the left.”

Jones later said in an interview that she and Spencer had developed a friendship during their time representing the people of Georgia and that she wasn’t worried about his online threat.

“If it were anybody other than Jason Spencer, then I would be alarmed. But we had a unique relationship in the Georgia Legislature,” Jones said. “If that had come from anybody else, I’d take it as a serious threat.”

But she did say that she was very “concerned” by his appalling reaction to her efforts to remove the statues of people who fought against the U.S. in their quest to continue the practice of owning people based on skin color.

“Because if that’s representative of what people in south Georgia think, then yikes.”

You can read the tense exchange in its entirety here:

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