Even Back In 1993, Donald Trump Was Getting Shut Down With His Nazi Bullsh*t

In any other administration, this would be absolute gold. Every opposition player hopes to find some evidence of a politician acting like a complete jackass at some time in the past. They can use it in campaign ads, or even better, to keep someone from getting elected in the first place. That’s not how it works with Donald Trump, though.

Much like Greg Gianforte, the Montana congressman whose base turned out to elect him even better after he assaulted a reporter, Donald Trump was elected by people who wanted an asshole. After all, this is the man who famously claimed he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” His voters have never proved him wrong on that. He has consistently been just one of the worst humans ever to walk the planet in every way, and his base is still as fervent as the day they vaulted their racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic asshole into power.

This video is not for them, though. This is just for us. They’d probably claim this video is doctored, anyway. “FAKE NEWS,” they might say.

It’s not, of course.

Two dozen years ago, Donald Trump The Plain Old Very Rich Citizen found himself in front of a House subcommittee on Resources. He was testifying that the mafia, with whom Trump has some experience, was all over the casinos that were supposed to be run by Native Americans. The man he’s speaking directly to in this video is George Miller, an absolute powerhouse in Congress for four decades, consistently one of the most liberal members of the House of Representatives. In short, George Miller has no time for Trump’s racist tirade.

Is it foreshadowing? “Maybe we say politically correct, maybe we don’t.” Trump was definitely showing shades of his racist father at that point, and a preview of just how little he cares for being a good person. But the way Miller shuts him down is legendary.

Go ahead, watch it again. I won’t tell anyone.

Featured image via video screen capture